Abrams Explains Lack of Trek at Comic Con

By Ian M. Cullen

Over the weekend, many people were surprised by the fact that J.J. Abrams had not shown any new promotional movie trailers for Star Trek at Comic Con. Some suspected that Fox had nixed it so their new show Fringe – which is also produced by Abrams – could keep the spotlight.

In a new statement made to Trekmovie.com, Abrams revealed exactly why no new Promo was shown.

“I am dying to show you this movie.” Abrams said “I love this movie. The actors are so good. The script is amazing, that Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] wrote. It’s one of these things, despite the effects not working – you know, the original show was not about the effects it was about the relationships, the dynamics with the characters. The reason I know that the movie is working, I don’t want to jinx it, but when I watch it, the reason I know it is working is that you care about the story and the people. It makes you feel. It is funny, it is scary, it is all these things that we hoped originally.

“They [the characters] are walking around and there is nothing on the viewscreen or they are walking around and there is a big thing of green right there, but it is working because the actors are so good. I am dying to show you and I am sorry the strategy of Paramount not being here precludes us from not being able to present to you something that if I were you guys, and I feel like I am, I would really want to see. I hope it will be soon, so I apologize.”

• You can find more from Abrams and his team on Star Trek (including a video of the Comic Con panel) at TrekMovie.

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