Fate Of Oceanic Six Revealed

lost-jack-and-kateBy Ian M. Cullen

At the recent Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour – SciFi Wire were on hand to get some pretty major spoilers about the fate of the Oceanic Six from the ill fated Oceanic Flight 815 – which is the integral plot device for ABC’s hit SF Drama series Lost.

During their Q&A session with the press executive producers and lead writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that the six characters — Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Sun (Yunjin Kim) and little Aaron–will all be compelled to return to the island in the upcoming fifth season, which kicks off in January 2009.

“Some of them have some quality time off the island, but they realize that the island is drawing them back, and it’s important that they go back to the island,” Cuse said. “You will see in season five these six will contemplate returning to the island.”

Lindelof revealed that it was a strategic decision which prompted the writers to remove the six key characters from the island and the remaining Oceanic survivors. “you have to break characters up geographically and emotionally and keep them separated,” Lindelof said. “But you have to be careful, because audiences tire of it, and the [characters in the] show they know and love are no longer interacting with each other, and hopefully we have not delayed the gratification too long.”

Lost will make a welcome return to ABC with all 17 episodes of season 5 in January 2009 – Sky One will more than likely show season five episodes a week after the US transmission.

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