Nimoy Explores Trek’s Relevance

By Ian M. Cullen

In the first part of a new exclusive interview for – Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy talks candidly about his return to Star Trek and his excitement about the movie in general.

One thing which Star Trek used to be – back in the heady days of the original series movies, TNG and of course the demon step child DS9 was relevant – and Nimoy revealed that he has very high hopes for the new movie.

“We are going to find out how relevant it is aren’t we? [laughs] I have high hopes that this picture will inspire a whole new generation of viewers and reinvigorate the old fans. I think the relevance always has to do with interesting characters and good stories and a positive view of mankind and hope for the future.”

His excitement and hopes aside Nimoy did reveal that he found stepping back into a role he hasn’t played in 18 years a little worrying.

“I was concerned stepping into a character that I have been out of for eighteen years. I was concerned as an experience, what I might find as a handle. What I might find as an entry point into the character. I really believe those concerns went away when I got on the set and started working with J.J. Abrams and my fellow actors. That has always been the touch point – how is it working with the director and my fellow actors, and the script of course. If we are given opportunities and set up in such a way – the set, the directors, the cameras and so forth – that the actors and establish and successfully their relationships with each other, find their dramatic and comic moments in the scene, then everything falls away and I think that was certainly the case with this movie. I had a wonderful time and I felt totally secure in the hands of the director and the script and I worked with some terrific actors. These are very very good people. I really came way extremely pleased. I think the audience is going to find these actors really quite wonderful and they are going to be extremely well liked. I think the audience is going to take them into their hearts.”

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