Fast Pulses: 30 December 2008

By Ian M. Cullen

  • The Mark Gatiss Christmas Ghost story Crooked House was success the BBC 4 last week. According to Digital Spy the three part story, which centred on strange events relating to a mysterious door knocker, started with an impressive 517k (3.3%) for the channel at 10.30pm last Monday, December 22.Crooked House was the fifth most-watched Multichannel programme and the most popular original Multichannel programme of the day.
  • SyFy Portal is hosting a competition exclusively for their UK readers. The prize is a copy of the SciFi movie Babylon A.D, which stars Vin Diesel. To enter this competition you will need to click here to access the entry form at SyFy Portal.
  • According to a report over at Coming Soon actor Bruce Boxleitner will likely join Jeff Bridges and reprise his role in the long awaited Tron 2.0 sequel to the classic 1982 Disney movie. Boxleitner played the duel role of Alan Bradley and Tron in the original movie.
  • According to a report from the Associated Press, Twentieth Century Fox having won their case against Warner, which pertains to who owns the distribution rights for Watchmen, are still looking to prevent Warner Bros March 6 release date for the movie.
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