Matthew Vaughn Was Interested In Superman Trilogy

superman-returnsIn late summer of last year Scottish based comics scribe Mark Millar who is best known for his work on Marvels Ultimate Avengers and the Graphic novel Wanted declared to the world that he and an unnamed director had pitched their ideas to Warner Bros for a proposed new trilogy of Superman movies.

However the pitch was as far as Millar and his co conspirator got.

In a recent interview for The Times Online Millar revealed that Matthew Vaughn was the top notch director he was working with on the proposal.

Matthew Vaughn is perhaps best known for his work on movies such as Layer Cake and Stardust and is currently working on the movie adaptation of Millar’s hit comic Kick Ass.

“They spoke to me and Matthew last year and we were obviously very interested as the love is there and the potential is enormous,” Millar said. “But we’re not involved in Superman at this stage.”

Millar revealed that the plan was “to do a Superman movie unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Matthew wanted to cast someone who looked nothing like Christopher Reeve and create a new Superman for this generation. But Superman is still in stasis at the moment because the last one lost so much money and [Warners] are scared to do anything with the character right now. I’m not holding my breath.”

Although the 2006 movie Superman Returns made $390 Million Dollars worldwide, it was poorly received by critics and did not make as much profit in ticket sales to justify the expense in the studios eyes.

At present Warner have no firm plans in place for a new Superman movie, and only have a short period of time in which to make one before licensing issues get in the way.

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