‘Going Postal’ Looking To Reach Beyond Pratchett

As reported here at SciFiPulse in July. Sky One are adapting yet another of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books.GoingPostal

The British cable and satellite channel enjoyed much success with the previous two mini series The Hogfather and The Colour Of Magic.

For their third mini series a few changes have taken place. Taking on the job as producer is Sue De Beauvoir who has a fair bit of experience from having worked on such series as Merlin. In a recent interview for SFX Red Alert De Beauvoir talked a little about the show.

When asked about the location filming, which is taking place in Budapest De Beauvoir revealed that it was due to the classic architecture of the buildings in eastern Europe. A difficult thing about filming in the UK is the fact that many of our older buildings have been converted into office blocks.

For Going Postal Sky are looking to have a show that can reach beyond the Terry Pratchett fans and appeal to a broader audience. However, De Beauvoir is looking to strike as good a balance between pleasing the fans and bringing in a new audience, and having a template to work with is a huge help with this.

“It’s not starting something from scratch.” De Beauvoir said.

When asked about adapting the book De Beauvoir revealed that she is a big fan of the novels central story, but she also appreciates the fact that it is very British.

“Terry is very much a defender of the ordinary man and British society, saving the Post Office, and to me this book has got all the things Terry feels very strongly about.”

Sue De Beauvoir having worked on Merlin, which has many special FX is not phased by the fact that Going Postal will have its fill of technical issues, and reveals that she is more than ready to rise to the daily challenges that this new mini series will present.

“There are always thing that go on, issues and problems, technical things,” she says, “but there’s not been a moment when I’ve thought, ‘Why am I doing this?’ because I am enjoying myself so much.

Going Postal will air on Sky One in Spring of 2010 and brings a bevy of British acting talent which includes such well known names as: David Suchet, Richard Coyle, Charles Dance and Claire Foy.

Going Postal, Terry Pratchett’s 33rd Discworld novel was released in 2004. It tells the story of arch-swindler Moist Von Lipwig (Coyle), whose crimes finally catch up with him in the town of Ankh-Morpork.

You can read more of what Sue De Beauvoir had to say in the new issue of SFX, which is out now.

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Comments (5)


  1. Daniel McGrath says:

    I sincerely hope “reaching out to a new audience” will not mean they’re going to ruin this like they did The Colour Of Magic. I watched Hogfather and apart from the awful Teatime I thought it was excelent. But I was very unhappy about what they did to the colour of magic. I understand that in order to adapt things for television changes have to be made, bits have to be taken out, but I think putting new things in, especially an entire new plot strand involving the librarian before he became an ape was ridiculous. I was also very disappointed with the lead actor David Jason, who was entirely wrong for the part of Wrincewind in my opinion. Especially since he’d already played Albert in Hogfather, at which he was excelent by the way. I shall watch this since I love the novel, but I fear I may well be disappointed. Perhaps I’m too much of a purest to appreciate TV adaptations, I don’t much like the Harry Potter or Lord of the rings films either. Oh well, if nothing else, these TV adaptations might encourage others to read the books also. I hope it’s well received even if I don’t like it myself. We all have the right to our opinion, and there’s mine for what it’s worth.

  2. Melinda Wallis says:

    I am so fond of my own personal invented visual images of the Discworld crowd, that I’m not sure I could stand to see a film. We listen to the audio books of Discworld incessantly. My son may well have complete stories memorized. Even I with a fading old age-type memory can occasionally quote right along with the characters.
    Saw the trailer for Hogfather- did NOT like the look of most of the characters.

    • Ian Cullen says:

      An unfortunate thing about television and movie adaptations is they are never as good as the books from which they came.

      We can only hope that Postal doesn’t send us all postal. I thought The Hogfather was ok. Not great, but fairly entertaining for what it was. As to Colour Of Magic. I haven’t seen that one yet.

  3. Mel says:

    Oh I don’t know – I quite enjoyed taking my copy of Hogfather to some friends for a Christmas in July party (I now live down-under in the Last Continent, where Xmas Dinner never quite works in 40 degree heat so we have the roast in July! – and no, I haven’t ‘yet’ named my house Didjabringabeeralong!) their kids had never read any of Terry’s books, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
    As much as I know they missed out so many details in the adaptation, I challenge anyone to read a whole book in the 2 hours given for a film & get such a good experience from it – I can’t skim-read that quick & know that I’ve read everything.
    Roll on the whole lot being turned into TV/Film. Going postal will be great I’m sure.
    I’d especially love to see Wee Free Men in TV versions – oh for Rob Anybody to be on the No-so-big-as-big-screen-and-no-so-wee-as-books-screen! :)

  4. June M Faulding says:

    I did not like either the book Hogfather or the televised version. But I have been longing for someone to do either a film or TV adaptation of maybe Going Postal or Jingo or Thief of Time.

    I love Jingo and I DO think it would lend itself to the big screen. Especially Nobby in his harem costume maybe? And Captain Carrot in his Spuddy Face disguise??