Second Superman/Batman DVD Team-Up Coming

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Following great reviews and good sales, DC Animation is ordering up a second helping of the World’s Finest team.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is the first direct-to-DVD from DC that will have a sequel, according to  The movie featured Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tim Dale as Superman, and Clancy Brown returning as Lex Luthor.  All three are veterans of the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini series of shows based on the DC characters.  Whether they will return to the voice roles has not yet been announced.

The sequel is likely to come from the series of stories penned by Jeph Loeb in the Superman/Batman comics title.  But there are plenty more to choose from.

Batman and Superman teamed up back in 1941 in what was then called World’s Best Comics.  However, the second issue was renamed to World’s Finest Comics, a series that would last until 1986 and generate over 200 issues.

Superman and BatmanDuring these stories, Superman and Batman were the best of friends.  However, after the title was canceled, more recently they have been portrayed as uneasy allies.  Also, the differences in style and ability have also been highlighted instead of what they have in common.  However, when the two heroes get together, it is still often seen as an event.

“So the problem is not a lack of stories but how to chose one.” the author on the site said. “I tip my hat to DC in adapting some of their famous storyline into these animated movies, it helps introduce in a new generation of fanboys!”

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  1. Phil Tograph says:

    haven’t seen public enemies yet, but am excited to read of a sequel