The SciFi Pulse Top Ten Of None, DC & Marvel Comic Book Heroes

tarzanWe here at SciFi Pulse all love our comics and have been trying to give as broad an outlook on comic books as possible, which can be tough given that there are so many great DC and Marvel heroes.

Anyway, for our first top ten SciFi Pulse writers Wayne Hall, Marx Pyle, and myself got together, discussed no DC and Marvel characters, compiled a list of our favorites, and explained why we liked them. So for you guys here is our top ten of none Marvel and DC heroes. Feel free to leave you comments or maybe even give us your own top ten favorites.

Number Ten: For 10 we decided to go with Conan The Barbarian who was created by popular pulp writer Robert E. Howard and currently has some wonderfully bloody adventures with Dark Horse Comics. Our reasons for Conan was that we feel he’s the ultimate Fantasy based character and also taps into our more primal fantasies. We’d all like to be able to eat, drink and do what we want while being able to retain a six pack and get all those women. What guy doesn’t?

Number Nine: For number 9 we went with Tarzan because we all feel that Edgar Rice Burroughs was definitely onto something with this iconic character. We think that Tarzan still holds an important message in these times where we are all thinking about stuff such as global warming and the environment, and Tarzan being at one with the jungle and being able to communicate with the animals of the jungle sort of lends itself to a number of allegorical stories about global warming. Added to which, if you ever read some of the earlier stories in the pulps you’ll find that we also had Tarzan go up against the supernatural as well. So he’s a bit of an all rounder.

Number Eight: For 8 we had a difficult choice, but eventually settled for Hellboy because, despite his demonic looks, we are all able to relate with him. We feel that writer and artist Mike Mignola really tapped into something by giving us a reluctant hero that really didn’t get a kick out of what he was doing. The fact that to Hellboy it’s a job and not a calling really appeals to us on many levels. Plus we like the idea that he can kick butt while simultaneously chomping on a cigar without fear of cancer.

Number Seven: At seven we picked the relatively new comic book Invincible, which is available from Image Comics. We all agreed that Invincible was a throwback to the Golden Age of comics, but also added something new to the mix as well. Similar to Spider-Man in as much as he is trying to adapt to his superpowers, we felt Invincible deserved mention because he is the son of a hero, who has a very dark past, and we enjoyed the ramifications of the main character not only adjusting to his new found powers, but also dealing with his origins, which sees him having to go to some very dark places.

strontium-dog-kreeler-conspiracyNumber Six: Strontium Dog is our choice for number six. For those not in the know, Strontium Dog is a popular character from the British Anthology Science Fiction and Fantasy comic 2000AD. In a nutshell he’s a bad ass that is not to be trifled with. We liked the fact that Strontium Dog is a mutant Bounty Hunter with all manner of imaginative gadgets in a future that has been ravaged by nuclear war. We also enjoyed the irony of a Mutant who is thought of as less than nothing by humans in this world is suddenly a convenience when it comes to becoming a bounty hunter. A job which is considered to be below a normal human being in this futuristic world.

Number Five: The Lone Ranger was our pick for number five, and we have a number of reasons for this. First off he is still going strong even now, and as a comic has adapted well with the times. Our main reason is we all felt he has the same timeless quality that you associate with Superman in as much as he’s a hero from a more innocent less complicated time.

Number Four: We discussed various heroes for number four. One choice was Dan Dare, which during the 1950’s when he was created was the British answer to Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, but in the end we decided to go with the somewhat darker and more interesting option in The Crow. To many The Crow will be remembered as the classic movie character, which was Brendan Lee’s final movie role, but the comic is all that and more. Our reason for this choice was we enjoyed the mix of his supernatural ability’s being fueled by his need for both vengeance and justice. I particularly enjoy the fact he cannot rest until his work is done.

Number Three: The number 3 spot goes to Judge Dredd, and it was an easy choice. We enjoy that he’s such a humourless character who sees the world in black and white terms, and can provide much humour and fun by saying and doing the sort of things that we as people will often contemplate but never follow through on for the sake of keeping the peace. We also enjoy the complex characters that surround him and feel that not only is Dredd such a great anti hero, he is also someone that you want at your side in a fight against any given bad guy. We enjoy that pit bull terrier mentality that Dredd has when going after the bad guys.

Number Two: For our penultimate choice we opted for The Shadow who has been with us in various incarnations over the years from Radio shows to comic books and even a movie, which to this day still has fans of the original torn. At heart The Shadow is about revenge. Though he started out as a gun touting vigilante on radio who lurked on the fringes of the law. The Shadow always lent itself to the comic book medium and could even be one of the 30’s character’s that inspired Batman. Whereas Batman was more flamboyant with his method of instilling terror into the hearts of criminals The Shadow could be just as effective, and is every bit the detective that Batman is too. After all The Shadow sees all and knows all.

Flash GordonNumber One: This choice was something we all were in agreement on. We’ve seen many incarnations over the years in radio, television, movies, and comics. Some have been great and others have been awful, but Flash Gordon has always been to us the ultimate science fiction comic book hero. Our reasoning is you have an ordinary guy who is thrown into a bizarre situation and still manages to befriend alien races of all colours and creeds and help them overthrow a viscous dictatorship by bringing these disparate groups of aliens together.

Which is why the new comics by Ardden Entertainment have proved to be so good because they have stuck to the formula without really changing to much, Flash is still the true blue hero and at heart every bit the classic now than he was at his birth in the late 1930s…

And there’s our top ten list of none DC and Marvel heroes. Feel free to give us your top ten in the comments section.

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Comments (2)


  1. Phil Tograph says:

    Interesting choices. My top ten would include :
    10. The Phantom – non opera version
    9. Spawn
    8. Jonny Quest
    7. Star Trek, entire crew
    6. Zorro
    5. Buck Rogers
    4. Bugs Bunny
    3. Speed Racer, got have a Japanese cartoon hero in there
    2. The Real Ghostbusters
    1. Space Ghost (Hanna-Barbera)

  2. Jack says:

    I think I would have gone with Spawn somewhere on that list. Never heard of strontium dog. Sounds interesting!