Supernatural: Ghostfacers Web Series In The Works

As previously stated elsewhere on the site. Most of us here at SciFiPulse are huge fans of Supernatural, and as such we are all excited by current events in the series, and look forward to a satisfying end for the show.

Over the years Supernatural has given us a mixture of highly dramatic and highly comedic storytelling, and on the side of the more comedy based episodes have been the appearances made throughout the series by The Ghostfacers. A team of hapless Supernatural detectives who have issues of the Winchesters.

According to a recent report at Variety The Ghostfacers may well be getting a web-series spun off from the main Supernatural series, which is currently enjoying its fifth season on The CW and will soon be coming to the UK Cable Channel Living.

Kripke and Wonderland TV will produce ten three-minute installments of Ghostfacers for the official WB and CW websites.

“It’s a fun, subversive way to allow these characters to play in the margins,” said Wonderland TV’s Peter Johnson.

The CW show has already crossed over to comic books and novels.

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