Torchwood Season Four Could Have More International Plot…

As we already know. Torchwood hit big last year with the fantastic Children Of Earth mini series, and the Doctor Who spin-off’s popularity is continuing to grow, especially in America.

However, could this mean that future seasons of Torchwood may be set partly in both UK and USA?

According to a source over at the Outpost Skaro message boards, the above is just one of the ideas that is being looked into by the BBC with a view to the fourth season of the hit UK science fiction series.

“Cashing in on the series popularity stateside, one of the suggested ideas is a twisty turny time travel tale which will include the appearance of a few sci-fi luminaries including Nathan Fillion as another Time Agent, Brent Spiner as ‘a senator’ and the return of James Marsters as Captain John.”

Of course, as Outpost Skaros source reiterates, this is all still at the talking phase, and as such remains to be confirmed.

“Nothing’s confirmed and, of course, take it with a pinch of salt, but this is definitely being considered. It would be filmed partly in London (well, Cardiff) and partly in America.”

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