Threadless Releases ‘Tron’-Inspired Design

With the release of Tron: Legacy a fair time away in December, fans may well be looking for ways to express their fandom of the movie, and one fan who happens to be a designer of t – shirts, and displays much of his work on the Treadless website has done just that.

Rolf Nelson has designed a t – shirt inspired by Tron, which he has titled ‘My Other Ride is a Light Cycle’, and as you can see by the picture above its fairly faithful to the suits worn by the programs in the Tron movie.

Rolf who lives in Texas has been designing t – shirts and other items of clothing for Threadless for the last six years.

When asked why he chose to create a Tron t – shirt the designer said, “A few years ago I found an old, working Tron machine at a concert venue, and remembered how awesome the movie was.  After hearing about the sequel I figured it would be the right time to try unite other Tron fanatics by designing something they could sport all the time.”

Rolf’s Tron design was given a rating of 3.19 out of 5 at the Threadless website. The average score for work on the site is usually 2.7.

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