‘Sanctuary’ Returning To Its Steampunk Roots

For the last few months, we’ve been getting little clues as to what the third season of Sanctuary holds in store for us.

In recent press interviews, Amanda Tapping revealed that the story involving Big Bertha in the season two finale will be resolved at the start of the next season, but precious little has been revealed about the nature of the third season arc … until now.

In a brief but recent interview with SFX Magazine, series creator and producer Damian Kindler revealed a few tasty bits of information to amp up the fan excitement when the series returns in the Autumn for a 20 episode season.

One thing Kindler is really pleased with is the fact that he and the writing team now have the opportunity to do much stronger story arcs for the third season, and we’ll get to delve more into the past of our favorite characters.

In fact the episode, which was shooting when Kindler was interviewed, was set in Edwardian England and sees “Magnus, Tesla, Druitt and the Invisable Man,” who are “essentially hunting down a super – villain. Right now they’re filming a greenscreen sequence on the wharfs of London in 1908 where they discover kind of an early 1900s version of a doomsday device. That’s the sort of cool, retro, steampunky sci-fi stuff we’re doing this year.”

Added to this, Kindler has revealed that we will see a villain this year who will likely make a nuisance of himself over a period of several episodes, and will have a key role in the overall arc. This new bad guy will be played by Ian Tracy, and Kindler couldn’t be more upbeat about the actor and what he is bringing to the show and as for the character.

“He is an amazingly complex character who has a very dualistic nature. I just don’t want to give it away, because I hope it’s an amazing revelation when we learn who he really is.

Sanctuary returns to both US and UK television in the autumn. It airs on Syfy in the USA and on ITV4 here in the UK.

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  1. SJU says:

    Good. I like a nasty villain.

  2. majorsal says:

    oooh, i can’t wait for season 3!! :D