‘SGU’ And ‘Sanctuary’ Say, ‘See You In September’

Mark the date of Tuesday, September 28, on your calendar. That night both Sanctuary and Stargate Universe will return with new episodes on Syfy, according to tvseriesfinale.com.

SGU will be starting up its second season, and Sanctuary will launch its third. Syfy has ordered 20 episodes of each show.

From tv.com, here’s the general description of Sanctuary: >>Sanctuary, the first broadcast caliber Sci-Fi series developed specifically for the Internet and the first to be filmed entirely on Green Screen, stars Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus, one of the first female doctors in the Royal College during Victorian England. Dr. Magnus takes over her fathers’ sanctuary for supernatural creatures, collected from all over the world. In her work with these creatures, Dr. Magnus has received age longevity. She is joined by her daughter Ashley, played by Emilie Ullerup , and young psychiatric resident Dr. Will Zimmerman, played by Robin Dunne , who may have what it takes to become her new protégé. In 2008, Sanctuary was picked up by the SciFi Channel and rebooted the series in 60-minute form with the pilot ” Sanctuary for All.”<<

And here’s that site’s synopsis for Stargate Universe: >>After the secret of the Stargate’s ninth chevron is discovered, a team of explorers from Earth travels to the unmanned starship Destiny , which was launched by the Ancients hundreds of millenia ago as an experiment. The new crew, not able to control the Destiny’s navigation, is forced to complete its original mission. They travel far out into the universe, encountering new races and enemies. Stargate Universe is produced and distributed by MGM Television and Syfy. It is filmed at Bridge Studios and on location in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.<<

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