Ian’s Roving Editorial: ‘Human Target’ Music – If Not Broke, Don’t Fix

I’ve not done one of my roving editorials in a while, but having just seen the recent new episode of Human Target, I felt moved enough to want to write something. Given I’m going to be in Leeds from this afternoon through Monday, I figured I’d get this rant out the way so I can enjoy some adventures in comics at Thought Bubble. So, if you’re in the UK., read comics and are attending Thought Bubble, look me up. I’ll probably be one of the many clones wearing a Batman t-shirt.

Anyway, on to my rant.

What the hell have they done to the title music for Human Target? What possessed them to change it?

The reason for this line of questioning is that I have just watched the latest episode of the series, and while the episode was pretty good, the change of music in the opening title sequence just plain sucked.

Now I know Bear McCreary (who will be the featured interview on next weekend’s podcast by the way) left the show to move onto pastures new, but I was kind of hoping that we’d be able to keep his fantastic opening title music. Its memorable and has an epic action movie feel to it.

This new title music, though it gives a little extra time to introduce the new series regular of  Indira Varma, just doesn’t work. You can’t hum along to it, it doesn’t stick in the memory, and it doesn’t feel like Human Target to me.

The original score that Bear McCreary did for the show has a certain ring to it that distinguished it as Human Target. McCreary gave Human Target its musical identity in much the same way as John Williams did with Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

This new composer, whoever he or she is, needs to try harder because the music I heard at the start of Human Target for this new season doesn’t feel or ring true to me as Human Target, and I’m not the only fan of the series that feels that way.

I can only hope that the producers take note of the fan reaction to this change because everything else was fine. Sure, the rescue of Winston at the start of the episode was a bit rushed, but at the same time this in so many ways was a reboot for the series in terms of bringing in a couple of new series regulars, who I didn’t mind seeing so much. Indira Varma, who is better known to fans of Torchwood as Susie from the first season of that show, added a little tension to the male-led program and made things more interesting.

But please, please, please, for the love of my ears and all that’s sacred, restore the original opening music because the new music really sucks and doesn’t inspire me to watch in the same way as the original score did.

To me that original score became part of the Human Target television brand in much the same way as I identified Star Trek, Hawaii Five-O, The Six Million Dollar Man and many shows of my youth by their opening title music. I’d grown to love the original score of Human Target, and the new score doesn’t send the same message.

There was nothing wrong with the original score. So why fix or tamper with it?

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Comments (3)


  1. Alex says:


    I ain’t a pureblood fan, but I love the show, and I enjoy it’s episodes.

    Season 2 started off slow, like all the Human Target episodes seem to do. But the one turn off, like your post states, was the theme music. Dadgummit, why did they do away with the music!? I loved the original theme music. It was pounding, driving, and set the mood for the show as a fast paced, action flick, but now?

    Now the whole ‘hardcore’ effect I think they were going for fails in a dramatic way. I won’t be humming this tune anywhere, not just because I can’t even remember it, that it’s not catchy, but because it was stupid and cliche!

    My empassioned speech is at an end.


  2. Janne Wyatt says:

    The first time I heard the original theme I thought it bore a distinct resemblance to that of the mini-series “Taken”. Looked it up, not written by Mr. McCreary. What’s there now is not special.