In Review: Being Human: Though The Heavens Fall (Series 3 – Episode 7)

Being Human season three

Synopsis: With the full moon looming pressure mounts on Mitchell.

Review: This episode amps up events and sets up nicely for next weeks series finale.

Our inquisitive detective, who is helped by Annie comes much more closure to the truth about Mitchell and the train massacre and gets a little more than she initially bargained for.

Though the real game change in this is Herek as he slowly but surely comes to terms with who and what he is as the hunger to feed on human blood gets ever stronger.

The episode opens with a flashback scene in which we see Herek taunting a McNair the morning after he’d survived a fight with a werewolf in one of the vampires cruel Werewolf/Human cage matches, which gives us more insight into why McNair is like he is.

To say to much more is going to spoil a ton of surprises to any of our readers that haven’t seen the episode as of yet.

We see some great acting from Lenora Critchlow, who is given some great material to work with, which culminates nicely with a fantastic confrontation between her and Mitchell.

However this episode belongs very much to Aiden Turner, who as Mitchell is a very desperate vampire, who is dealing with a ton of guilt as well as his issues with Herek.

The episode ends on a really exciting note, and you have to wonder how this storyline is going to wrap as we head into the series finale next week.

Score 4.9/5

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