Alona Tal Returning To ‘Supernatural’

Alona Tal has revealed that she will be resurrected for the seventh season of Supernatural.

Tal as fans will remember played the role of Jo Harvelle in the CW drama’s second and fifth seasons, but was killed off with  her mother Ellen (Samantha Ferris) in the 2009 episode ‘Abandon All Hope…’.

Tal announced her return to series on Twitter when she revealed her role in Powers by saying, “”But it aint the other news… (sic).”

When asked by fans to confirm her return to Supernatural Tal said: “I thought I just did that… Spread the word.”

Samantha Ferris, who played Jo Harvelle’s mother in the series briefly returned during the shows sixth season when she was briefly resurrected by the Angel Balthazar (Sebastian Roché).

Supernatural will return to The CW on September 23.

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