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Well, well, well. With just an episode left to go the series has finally picked up pace by picking up directly from last week by taking the ball and actually running with it.

We get a very quick recap from the week’s previous episode, which fills you in about the three families and the mystery surrounding Captain Jack’s blood and what was done to him at the butchers in 1928 and then the story continues in Scotland where we see that Captain Jack hasn’t died after all, but has been nursed back to something approximating health by Esther and they are both living under the radar in Scotland.

Then the scene shifts to Wales where we see Gwen ripping of a drugs store to fuel a bit of black marketing that she has started in order to help out her local community, but to also help her father in the attic. Yup, Torchwood is looking to do a horror spin off called ‘The Daddy In The Attic.’

Things in the Cooper household are not that harmonious for the constant threat of being searched by local authorities who have been collecting category one patient’s from their friends and families in order to be burned alive in the furnaces, and it’s not to long before the Cooper household gets searched by a rather nasty official who is obviously based on the most unsympathetic civil servant’s you’re ever likely to cross paths with. Thankfully due to Rhys and his hidden wall. The guy in charge of searching for Gwen’s father finds nothing, but warns that he’ll be back.

Meanwhile back at CIA Headquarters Rex and the head of the CIA are getting frustrated because just about every lead they’ve had has been shut down by someone within their own ranks. However, when Rex hits on a Pulp story, written in 1935 a few years after Captain Jack was killed over and over in the Butchers store in New York. Rex finds several links in the book to the event in 1928 and the source of the investigation seems to be centred somewhat of Captain Jack’s blood. By tracking this lead back Rex finds a weapon that was used by one of Jack’s torturers in the CIA archives and has someone run a DNA check on it in the hopes of tracking the lead down, unfortunately the agent he puts in charge of this is the same agent that is hindering their investigation, but you get the impression that Rex suspects her after she tells him the DNA came up blank.

Back in Cardiff Gwen has figured out she has been watched and has decided to neutralize her observer so she can get Jack safely into her home. Oswald Danes who has been on the run from authorities has managed to get into Wales and has tracked down Gwen and has insisted on seeing Jack. This phase of the story leads them to several leads based on information that Danes has given them, which includes the mysterious disappearance of Jilly Kissinger and a name, which happens to be a method that has been used by US Government agencies to control the media since Vietnam.

Armed with this information and thanks to some help from Rex with the CIA’s decryption software the team are able to decipher a video report done by Kissinger, which was done a few days prior in Shanghai. The information collected here reveals that ‘The Blessing,’ which is apparently connected with Miracle Day is in Shanghai, but when looking at a globe of the world Rhys figures out that it is also in Buenos Ayres. Apparently both Shanghai and Buenos Ayres are at direct opposites on the globe and if you draw a line from Buenos Ares to Shanghai it makes up the Phicorp symbol.

Meanwhile Jilly Kissinger, who was promoted last week has been sent to Shanghai to record history and has been given a new name, and has been invited to see the blessing, which literally turns out to be some sort of fracture at the earths core or near enough anyway.

Back in Wales the police have made a return visit to Gwen’s and have taken her father having found where he was hidden with a phone application. This only makes Gwen more determined to get to the bottom of what has caused Miracle Day, and on that note she sets off with Captain Jack and Oswald Danes to Shanghai, but they have to be smuggled it due to it being closed off to tourists and the rest of the world.

Rex and Esther reconnect in Buenos Ayres in order to track The Blessing from that end. However, both Jack and Rex, who are on opposite sides of the world start to feel the worst for ware due to their proximity to The Blessing, but back in Shanghai when a bit of Jacks blood trickles to the floor from his gun shot wound, which he sustained last week. We see the drop of blood being drawn to The Blessing as if it is calling on Jack.

Overall this was a pretty solid episodes with the pace finally picking up from last week and thankfully not to many silly cameos in order to move the plot along. Rhys was particularly fun to watch in this episode with his threats of violence toward the monstrous Oswald Danes, and it was nice to see some of Wales again, which lets face it is where Torchwood belongs.

This run still isn’t a patch on the great work that was done in Torchwood: Children Of Earth, but the last few episodes have been a vast improvement over pretty much most the middle part of the series in which the writers relied a little to heavily on cameo guest star appearances from genre stars.

Score 3.5/5

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  1. Raissa says:

    Solid episode overall, but I have one problem. Depending on how long the Blessing has been there, wouldn’t it have run into the Racnoss which were also at the center of the Earth, re: Runaway Bride. Plus, the Silence and Silurians had Earth Underground as empires for long stretches. Wouldn’t they have noticed. It’s crowded in there apparently, and crossover elements can be internal logic headaches.