SFP-NOW Episode 27 – Featuring Star Of ‘Lost Girl’ Anna Silk

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This episode of SFP-NOW has a slight change to the advertised Warehouse 13 interviews that we were hoping to bring you. So instead we’re bringing you an Interview that I did with Anna Silk back in February in which we discuss ‘Lost Girl’ which has just started on Syfy Channel in the UK.

Note that at the start I say ‘Lost Girl’ starts in a couple of weeks here in the UK. In fact it has literally already started and begins September 1 at 10PM on Syfy UK. So apologies for the misleading information. This was due to me not having the correct information to hand at the time of recording. Plus we were rushing through due to the fact that Wayne was using his i-Phone because he had no power thanks to Hurricane Irene. So we were trying to get the show recorded before his battery died.

This week we were minue Gianluca Glazer, so instead of the regular this week in comics segment in which we give the best and worst comics of the week. Wayne brings us his report from Baltimore Comic Con, which took place before the hurricane.

This week in television sees Wayne and I have a spirited discussion about the recent Doctor Who episode ‘Lets Kill Hitler.’ You can expect to hear more of our views on new Doctor Who in the coming weeks.

As ever you can listen to the episode via the embedded player at the top right of this page or click here to listen through your browser in a separate tab. You can also get all our latest episodes here via i-Tunes store.

If you are looking for episodes 1 through 24 in they can still be accessed at: www.sfp.podbean.com and will be available til the end of the year.

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