‘Wayne’s Comics’ #40 With Tony Lee And Dan Boultwood From ‘Danger Academy’

January means the return of the Wayne’s Comics podcast, and to start 2012 off right, the first episode features a fun and enlightening interview with Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood from Kickstart Comics’ Danger Academy. When you listen, you’ll see just why the book has so many terrificly funny elements in it–I had a great time talking with them! Danger Academy should be available in your local comics shops and may even be in your local Wal-Mart! If you can’t find a copy, be sure to ask your local comics shop to order one for you–you won’t want to miss ir!

Then Pete Casazza from Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD, returns to discuss how December went in his popular store! We talk about how 2011 wrapped up and take a look ahead at 2012 as well.

Finally, Gianluca Glazer and Ian Cullen join me for the first ‘News & Previews’ segment of the new year. We talk about several iinteresting news items, including the fact that Marvel outpaced DC’s numbers in December and what that will mean going forward.

Be sure to listen in and make it a New Year’s resolution you can easily keep! To check out this episode, just click on the player in the upper right corner of this screen or go to sfp-now.com!

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  1. Nicholas Yanes says:

    DC did ship comics on the last week of December. Here’s the link to the DC Comics webpage that lists the New 52 comics that came out the last week: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2011/12/27/tomorrow%E2%80%99s-dc-comics-the-new-52-releases-2/