Are Both ‘Alcatraz’ And ‘Fringe’ Going To Be Cancelled?

While it won’t be until May that we’ll know when the fall schedules will be released by the networks in the States, it’s not too early for folks on the Internet to speculate just who will return and who won’t.

“Alcatraz has now slipped into likely cancellation territory, and I’ll be surprised if it recovers,” said Robert Seidman from’s TV By The Numbers area. The weekly ratings have been declining ever since its January debut.

Interestingly enough, the other J.J. Abrams show, Fringe, is still considered a toss-up despite its ratings because Fox renewed it last year.

“Could what happened last year happen again?” said Seidman. “Sure it could. But last year, even though we got it wrong it was easy to make a case  for renewal based on the conventional wisdom of studios discounting shows to get to enough episodes for syndication. Fringe will have enough episodes after the current season though. If it’s renewed it will be anything but conventional.  But because it’s Fringe its merely a likely cancellation rather than a certain cancellation.”

Rumors continue to fly that Fox wants to keep at least one Abrams’ show on the air, keeping the prolific TV creator on good terms with them. Whether that turns out to be true or not will require patience on our part!

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