In Review: Being Human – The Graveyard Shift

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Synopsis: Hal is told he must get a job, but when the vampires catch up with him there is another offer on the table.

Review: This is another episode that develops the characters of Hal and Tom, but having said that Annie has a fair bit to do in this as well thanks in part to her promise to George to keep baby Eve safe, but in keeping that promise she develops a friendship with an unlikely Ally in Regus, the vampire who knows about Eve’s part in the prophecy, which predicts the end of all vampires.

Hal and Tom take a job at a local fast food joint, and after the boredom kicks in the two have a bet in regards to who can be the first to get the phone number of the next woman to walk in. Though this little bet sort of backfires on them when a women that neither one is particular fond of walks in and dumps cold water on their attempts talk to her.

Of course the viscous Fergus who knows Hal from the distant past makes Hal an offer that you’d think he could not refuse and for a fleeting time Hal very nearly accepts, but finds that his friendship with Tom and his connection to Annie is such that he cannot in all good conscience sell them out to the vampires in Barry in order to take his place as their leader given that he is one of the much talked about old ones.

We get some genuine funny moments in this and learn that Annie can project her memories onto vampires and other supernatural beings. A fact that Regus learns, but begins to wish he hadn’t when he relives one of Annie’s sexual experiences through her point of view.

The new character of Tom and Hal continue to be engaging and have brought a bit of the fun back to the series, which was missing a little in the last season, which for most part centred on Mitchell’s downfall.

Great stuff.

Score 4.5/5

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