‘Ozymandias’ Looking Forward To ‘Before Watchmen’ Comics

The discussion about DC Comics’ Watchmen prequel continues!

Matthew Goode, who portrayed Ozymandias in the 2009 Watchmen motion picture, recently told digitalspy.com that he’s excited about the upcoming Before Watchmen comics event.

“It’s not Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons doing it, but they’ve got some of the best,” he said. ”I’m quite excited to see what they come up with. Who knows what will happen with that … whether it will be made into a prequel or not.”

“In some senses, my character was the one character where everyone else gets a bigger chunk of backstory,” he said. “I’d quite like to know what was going on … see if I was right about some of the choices I made!”

On the other hand, Moore has called the event ”absolutely shameless” and “evil,” while Gibbons gave it his blessing.

Goode said, “Zack (SnyderWatchmen director) would have loved to have his (Alan Moore’s) involvement because the book is so revered and its one of his favorite things in the entire world. Whether Zack would be involved in it again, I don’t know. He’s pretty busy.” Snyder is currently working on Superman: The Man Of Steel movie.

Before Watchmen will consist of seven miniseries, featuring work from high-profile creators including Brian AzzarelloLee Bermejo, Darwyn Cooke, JG Jones and J. Michael Straczynski. The event will begin this summer.

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