SFP-NOW Episode 42 – Featuring Cast & Crew From ‘Reality On Demand’

For this special episode we feature my good buddy Marx Pyle along with Julie Seaton Hernadez, Aric Dylan and Kevin Roach who discuss the latest science fiction web series to hit the web in ‘Reality On Demand.’

During the chat we cover a fair bit about the new web series, which has been doing great guns on Blip.tv and at various other venues throughout the web.

Marx talks about the origins of his idea for the series while the actors talk about how they got involved and their experiences of finding their characters in this new web series, which pays homage to numerious science fiction and fantasy series while doing something of its own.

You can find out more about Reality On Demand at: realityondemandseries.com and you can watch all the episodes to date at: blip.tv/realityondemand

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Wondering what the fuss is about. Check out episode 3 of Reality On Demand in the embedded player below:

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