Will ‘Terra Nova’ Move To Neflix From Fox?

When word that Fox has canceled Terra Nova came out, fans were naturally concerned about the show’s future.

Well, it looks like Netflix might save the day!

“Sources confirm to E! News the report that Netflix is in talks to bring the recently canceled Fox drama Terra Nova to their platform with new episodes,” according to eonline.com.

“As first reported by Deadline.com, Netflix is looking to bring the dinosaur adventure show back from the dead,” as reported by the site’s Jenna Mullins. “According to our source, it’s only preliminary conversations at this point andit’s not yet clear whether a deal will happen. Translation: Don’t get too excited just yet, Terra Nova fans.”

After Fox’s announcement on Monday, the studio began shopping the series around other networks to try and find a new home. Of course, Netflix has already signed up for new episodes of the popular sitcom Arrested Development.

At the time of this article, Netflix hadn’t released any official comment on the rumor, so take it in stride accordingly!

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