Syfy’s ‘Rewind’ Pilot Attracts Actors

Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider), Jennifer Ferrin (The Cape)Robbie Jones (Hellcats) and Keon Mohajeri have signed on to Syfy’s two-hour pilot Rewind, joining previously cast Shane McRae, according to

So, what’s this show about?

“Written by Justin Marks and directed by Jack BenderRewind revolves around a team of military field operatives and civilian scientists who must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter past events in order to change the future and avoid a devastating terrorist attack,” according to the site. “Castle-Hughes will play Priya, the team’s a-typical historian, a behavioral anthropologist who provides analytical context to the project and the missions, and whose knowledge of history extends beyond the boundaries of facts. Ferrin will play Bryce, a brilliant scientist who graduated MIT when she was 18; the smartest person in the room who is obsessive and driven and doesn’t really care what people think of her. Jones will play Danny, Henry Knox’s (McRae) friend and the man Knox trusts most to help him get the job done as they embark on their perilous mission into the past. Mohajeri will play Charlie, a mathematician who has patented an innovative piece of technology that can reduce history to mathematics, in order to measure the team’s actions in the past. ”

Production on Rewind is scheduled to begin this month, but no air date has yet been scheduled.

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