Spoiler Report Leaks Info About New ‘Doctor Who’ Dalek Opener



With the new series of Doctor Who being a matter of months away it is not surprising that we are now starting to hear a few more details about the forthcoming new series and those details have been leaked by Doctor Who TV who have revealed details about the Dalek episode, which opens the series.

Spoilers Below:

The pre-title sequence of the opener will reportedly see both Amy and Rory kidnapped by a pair of mysterious characters, believed to be working for the Daleks.

One of them, Cassandra (played by Naomi Ryan), is sent to get Amy. Amy is now a full-time model and is doing a photoshoot when she is taken.

Another person, who is posing as a London bus driver, teleports Rory away when he gets on. Rory is on his way to the solicitor to file for divorce at the time.

Cassandra and the bus driver both appear to be human but transform into something else just before they take The Ponds…

While reports of the Ponds suffering from marital woes have been widespread. Much of the above is new information and will only further fuel fan excitement and speculation until the shows eventual return in the Autumn.

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