In Review: Green Lantern Corps #14

The cover: Guy Gardner is being touched by the Third Army and he’s not going to go down easily. Great cover by Scott Clark & Peter Steigerwald. I love the emotion and the coloring! Overall grade: A

The story: The great thing about Guy Gardner is one moment you love him and the next you hate him, because he’s done or said something incredibly stupid. He’s got a noble heart, but what an idiot! This issue is a love letter to anyone that’s ever wanted to see Guy at his best. “Nothing Man” by Peter J. Tomasi opens with Guy and a trio of the Corps trying to contain five members of the Third Army, which ripped apart a Corps member last issue. It does not go well. The Guardians have concluded that the only way for a Lantern to be turned is to have the ring ripped from their body: “Trumatic and brutal, but necessary.” There are also side stories involving Kilowog, Salaak, and John Stewart, but the book returns to Guy and it’s beautiful. The final six pages will make you tear up, and left me wondering how in the world this could be righted. This issue will make Lantern history for those six pages. I never thought I could be moved by a Guy Gardner story; Mr. Tomasi has proven me wrong. Overall grade: A

The art: Fantastic visuals from penciller Fernando Pasarin and inker Scott Hanna. Lantern stories should be epic, and this one sure is. This story would have been ruined had the art not been as good as the story. There’s action to be sure, but those last six pages were epic. And I’m so glad we didn’t see that indivdual’s face on the final page because I didn’t want to see those tears. Epic and awesome work. Overall grade: A+

The colors: Also doing excellent work is Gabe El Taeb. The battle in space is amazing because as the Lanterns lose the color green disappears, and you realize how hopeless Guy is as the only green character. And the last five pages in space could have been overly “greened” but the white background suggest a subtle shift in alliances. Nice. Overall grade: A+

The letters: Some graphic sound effects in appropriate places, but mostly dialogue and narration from Dave Sharpe. Solid work. Overall grade: A-

The final line: This is the best Lantern book in my humble opinion. Guy is wearing his heart on his sleeve and it’s breaking mine in the process. Overall grade: A

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