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While at last weekends Thought Bubble in Leeds I picked up a number of comics, but one that I couldn’t wait to open up and get stuck into was Storm Dogs, which is written by David Hine and drawn by the uber talented yet extremely modest Doug Braithwaite.

Storm Dogs starts off on a backwoods planet called Amaranth. When a series of murders is reported a Union Ship is sent to investigate, which is somewhat bemusing to the local law enforcement given that The Union Ships have never bothered before. During a briefing the crew of the ship who have ben sent to investigate are told to only use level four technology. Which means they have to cut themselves off from something called the weave, which I can only assume is a futuristic internet that interlinks all.

When they make landfall they meet with planets local law enforcement, which is somewhat curious as to way a Union Ship has been sent to investigate some murders when they have really seemed to have bothered in the past.

As the story unfolds you get the impression that you’re going to be taking on a fun mysterious ride as
the crew of the Union ship and the local law enforcement try to uncover who did the murders or indeed what did the murders.

This book has a little bit of everything and Hine has got the balance just about right between science fiction and mystery. And the character that we are slowly introduced to seem fairly well defined and likable enough for you want to come back and read the next issue.

From the first issue there wasn’t really one stand out character, but there is enough story here to service a fair few characters and I’m sure more will be introduced as the mystery deepens. The title of the book is talked about briefly in the first issue and if indeed this is a hint of things to come. Then I’d say this book is going to have a few elements of the horror genre weaved into the mix as well.

Doug Braithwaite’s art work in this book is nothing short of amazing and you can pretty much see right away from the first few pages way Hine chose Braithwaite over a plethora of other possible candidates.

Much like my favorite Artist, which is Alex Ross. Doug Braithwaite seems able to convey so much with his images, but most importantly tell a story. And given that this book has elements of mystery to it. Its good to have such an artist as Braithwaite onboard because what the writer isn’t telling you. The artist is.

All you have to do is clock the subtleties of the various facial expressions that Braithwaite has drawn. There’s is a brief sequence in the book where the sheriff comments that the indigenous life doesn’t mind the rain. At which point we cut to a panel where we see on of the horse type creatures closing its eyes and there is a kind of sadness in its expression, which contradicts what the sheriff is saying. That is just one example of many.

This is a very strong start for what I think is going to be a great series.

Storm Dogs is available now through Image Comics and definitely worth a look if you are looking for a science fiction mystery story, which doesn’t give the farm away in the first issue.


 Written By: Ian Cullen

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Ian Cullen is the owner of A wannabe musician. Ian is a legend in his own mind and when not working on the website host the hugely successful SFP-NOW Podcast he can be found skulking around empty corridors. A longtime fan of genre television and movies Ian was also a producer on the Reality On Demand web-series and has even been published in the official Star Trek Magazine.


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