Eliza Dushku Lands Role In ‘The Saint’ Remake



We last saw Eliza Dushku in the short lived Joss Whedon series Dollhouse, but it now looks like we could be seeing her again in the backdoor pilot for a television remake of ‘The Saint’.

According to Deadline the actress has landed a role in the pilot from mega-prodcuer Brad Krevoy’s production company MPCA.

This will be a fresh take on Leslie Charteris’ book franchise, the project follows modern-day Robin Hood Simon Templar (played by HawthoRNe‘s Adam Rayner) and his on-again/off-again love Patricia Holm (Dushku).

The role of Simon Templar was originally played in the 1962 ITC series by Roger Moore and then in the 1970s version, which was titled ‘Return Of The Saint’ by Ian Ogilvy.

It was Roger Moore’s portrayal of The Saint, which pretty much helped James Bond producers decide to cast him in the coveted 007.

There have been various attempts to bring ‘The Saint’ back to televison in years since then, but none have really proved as successful as the original 60s series or the 1970s series, which in its day saw a fair bit of airplay.

Back in 1997 Val Kilmer played Simon Templar in a movie adaptation of The Saint, which proved to be somewhat of a poison chalice and was despised by critics and fans of the series alike.

For all you nostalgia fans out there. Here are the main opening title sequences to the first two television series of ‘The Saint’.


The 1970s intro for ‘Return Of The Saint’, which starred Ian Ogilvy.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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