In Review: Angel & Faith #16

The covers: The Regular cover is by Steve Morris and it’s a grand slam image of Faith. This is without question the best cover of the entire run of the series so far! The Alternate cover is by Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson and it shows Nadira hiding around a corner, waiting to stake a passing Angel. It’s okay, nothing special. The coloring is so dim, this issue will be lost among other books. Overall grades: Regular A+ and Alternate C+

The story: Christos Gage’s “Death and Consequences” begins in Peru as our leads acquire an artifact that will assist them in bringing Giles back from the dead. They make their move to do so and there’s a hiccup. Things get worse when they go back home and cover girl Nadira and friends arrive with a demand. Talk about a mood killer–Woof! There’s some really nice dialogue and some justified guilt thrown about to put our heroic duo in dismal depths. And the last page will have you scratching your head for a month! Overall grade: A

The art: The first three pages would give the B.P.R.D. a run for their money for all the creepy action! After this opening sequence, Rebekah Isaacs has essentially got a “talking heads” issue where characters are in a room talking. You would think this would be the most boring visual experience ever, but it’s not. Isaacs perfectly matches all the high and low points of the story to squeeze every ounce of emotion out of it. Fantastic! Overall grade: A

The colors: Always five-by-five, Dan Jackson puts the perfect finishing touches on the artwork with his colors. Like the art, the colors accentuate the story, and they, too, are perfection. Overall grade: A

The letters: Closing out the issue is the always excellent letter work of Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt. Overall grade: A

The final line: I’m loving this book. Our heroes have gotten too comfortable with each other, so something, or someone, has got to come around and put them into their doubting phase, again. That’s where we’re at, and it’s gonna be good! Overall grade: A

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