IN REVIEW: “One-Night Only! Star Trek TNG on Blu-Ray Season 2!”

I must say first of all, if you have never seen Star Trek: The Next Generation in high definition or on the big screen, you really should not miss it. (Season is supposed to have the same kind of screening.) The clarity and sound and overall color of the episodes were amazingly bright and brilliant.

Fathom entertainment once again invited me to check out the one night only screening event to promote the new Blu-Ray release this December 4th of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 2.

I cannot continue to praise the quality of the imagery and sound, but the real treats came before, during and after the episodes we saw. There was a in-depth production and behind the scenes video of how this whole process came to be and how the cast felt about their roles and the second season overall.

There was also an incredible snippet of the season two blooper reel and I must say Michael Dorn proved to be a real crack – up! The audience was in tears at all these bloopers especially the one where Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc-Picard) and greeting party are preparing to beam someone aboard the Enterprise in the transporter room and Patrick, in character, bleeps out “Engage!” Then a second later the entire cast breaks out in laughter. Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deana Troi) then smacks Patrick in the arm and says (with Patrick), “It’s Energize! Not engage! You’re not on the bridge!”.

There was also a wonderful 25 year cast reunion with the entire cast and again it was a condensed version for time, but we got to see all the TBG cast interact together talking about acting, the fans and the best parts were when they were talking about each other and their acting quirks and ‘issues’.

Then we got to see the full episode “Q Who?” which was written by Maurice Hurley and directed by Rob Bowman in HD and on the big screen. Nothing like a sharp witted and funny John De Lancie playing the omnipotent Q, who introduces the Star Trek Universe to The Borg, who are the most feared aliens to date! It was exciting and humorous and with the wisdom of Whoopi Goldberg as Guinin, the episode was amazing to watch again.

The second episode they previewed was “Measure Of A Man” written my Melinda M. Snodgrass and directed by Robert Sheerer which has always been one of my all-time favorites on TNG (and one I sampled as the top stories of the entire series in another article here). This was a real treat for three reasons.

ONE; This story still works and the idea of personal freedoms being taking away from an individual because a government body or society says it should be so, still rings true today. (I.E., Look at Homeland Security!) Data is put on trial to be a part of an experiment that could kill him. Is he property or does he have the right to choose?

TWO; Seeing this episode in HD on the big screen was more than exciting and heartwarming. The intensity of the story and performances were that much more enhanced. Rounds of applause and even tears could be heard throughout the episode.

THREE; The episode was reinstated with the extra scenes that were cut for time. The scenes added character and depth to the story that made Data’s concerns and Picard’s pleas in the courtroom seem that much more vibrant and powerful. I wish they would have never cut those scenes and it was like seeing it for the first time, again.

The evening was over two hours of seeing highlights of the ne Blu-Ray release of TNG-Season 2 and two full-length (one as an extended cut) which are two of the most popular episodes ever written. You can check out the details,Blu-Ray  extras and specs on Amazon. Something every Trek and non-Trek fan should have!

Written by Lorenzo Marchessi


Based in Hollywood, CA – Lorenzo Marchessi is a Sci-Fi enthusiast and has written for Starlog Magazine, Doctor Who Drives, The No ho Art’s District, The Van Nuys Press and The Tolucan Times. He has worked on Film and TV projects like ‘Back To The Future’, ‘Beauty & The Beast’, ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Star Trek:TNG’. He is also a Film, TV and Theatre director as well. He is now creating the ‘go to’ website for all ‘Sci Fi Geeks’ and more’ which is still under construction and will be unveiled soon! You can contact him at !


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