In Review: Star Wars: Purge–The Tyrant’s Fist #1

The cover: Vader is in action, and you know this is early in his career since he looks like Ralph McQuarrie’s early design. Nicely done work by Dan Scott. The oranges and reds are good contrasts to the Sith Lord’s black armor–this makes the cover stand out on the racks! Overall grade: A

The story: Lord Vader and two enforcer squads are making their way into the Howling Ruins (picture Native American Anasazi cliff dwellings) to arrest or execute Jedi Cho’na Bene, who is responsible for the Vaklin insurgency. Vader is at the top of his game, yet he is forced (no pun intended) to do something I’ve never seen or read him doing before on Page 6. Pages 10 and 11 had me seeing nervous Imperials in the Dark Lord’s presence for the first time since David Michelinie and Walt Simonson worked on Star Wars. And the scene between the apprentice and the Master was great! This is exactly what you want in a Purge story! Big congrats to writer Alexander Freed for this tale! Overall grade: A

The art: This story not only has great Sith versus Jedi action, the environments are incredibly detailed, there’s a gaggle of aliens (old and new), and gloriously sleek Imperial settings. There are also two new Jedis whose design is really sweet! Marco Castiello and Andrea Chella do a lot in only 22 pages. Overall grade: A

The colors: Go-to Star Wars colorist Michael Atiyeh gets a lot to do because of the story and art give him so much. The Howling Ruins battle sequence seems all the more real because of the coloring. My favorite panel is Page 6, panel two, because you can feel Vader’s frustration due to the coloring. Excellent job. Overall grade: A+

The letters: Go-to Star Wars letterer Michael Heisler does a good job with dialogue and narration, but there are no sound effects to be had. It’s like watching one of the films without any sounds. This takes so much away from the book. Overall grade: B

The final line: I have never seen the Dark Lord so cheesed! Things are going to be really bad next issue! Overall grade: A

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