IN REVIEW: The TARDIS, The Doctor, River Song, Amy, Rory Fight Every Enemy – In Cards!

Colorful and full of a simulated adventure, Doctor Who – The Card Game,  released by TreeFrog Games and Cubicle 7, is an original design by U.K. game designer Martin Wallace who has been designing games since 2001. Here is a card game that uses cards, Dalek tokens and TARDIS tokens to defend or attack your lands for ownership.

The colorful cards each have very a specific meaning and purpose. The defenders who are The Doctor, Amy, Rory, River Song and even Captain Jack fight for keeping land that you lay down as your property. What land? Imagine every place the Doctor has visited since his run as the 9th through the 11th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith). Lake Silencio, Sardick Town, Silurian City, Bowie Base One, Roman Britain, Luna University and Zarathustra are some of the locations to name a few.

Now the Enemies include the Daleks, Nestine Consciousness, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Sycorax, Sontarans, The Silence, Davros, the Minotaur, the Beast, Gangers, The Master, Prisoner Zero, the Slitheen and more who all try to take your lands. Oh and watch out for the Dreamlord! He’s really dangerous!

Now add the element of support cards to help you fight, defend and in some cases give you special powers and abilities. They are labeled the TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, Fish Fingers and Custard and yes they do help immensely!

Cards are dealt out. Then you figure out your lands. Then you place your defenders or attackers and the battle begins. The game is played in turns and what is unique is that you play your hand but you always must have three cards to pass to your player on your right. (Counter-clockwise) The turn continues going to the next person on your left. (Clockwise) In other words you are doing things in two directions. Sounds strange, but it makes for great stagey in playing.

Once you achieved a land, you then place your colors TARDIS token on it. If you are attacking or taking over someone else’s land that is not yours, you place your colors Dalek token on it. When the first player gets five TARDIS’s or five DALEK’s out on table in their color, the game is over and everything stops. However, your lands are worth victory points. Some are low and some are high. The victor is the one with highs points from the lands they have acquired.

It can be vicious and turn on a dime. You could have four lands in one turn and zero the next. It changes with the player and the cards. It’s extremely fun and you find yourself acting out scenes from the various enemies and locations you see in your hand. (If you are familiar with Who, of course.)

Its fun for the whole family and you can sit and relax and bring on your ‘game face’ when you are to defend the universe using the Doctor and his companions for help. But beware, enemies abound and trouble is always both in front of you and behind you! Look for it on Amazon!

OVERALL RANKING:  8 (Out of 10)

SET UP: 6 (Extremely detailed and a little confusing)

INSTRUCTIONS: 6 (Same as Above

GAME CONSRUCTION/DESIGN:  9 (Excellent quality and detail with sturdy cards.)

TYPE: 100% Competitive

PLAYERS: 3 – 4

TIME: 60 minutes. (Much more fun with 4 people than 3!)

AGE: 13+ (I’ve played with a wide range of ages.)

Written by Lorenzo Marchessi


Based in Hollywood, CA – Lorenzo Marchessi is a Sci-Fi enthusiast and has written for Starlog Magazine, Doctor Who Drives, The No ho Art’s District, The Van Nuys Press and The Tolucan Times. He has worked on Film and TV projects like ‘Back To The Future’, ‘Beauty & The Beast’, ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Star Trek:TNG’. He is also a Film, TV and Theatre director as well. He is now creating the ‘go to’ website for all ‘Sci Fi Geeks’ and more’ which is still under construction and will be unveiled soon! You can contact him at !


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