Third Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Feature Longer Episodes


The third season of Game Of Thrones is going to be slightly longer when we get to view it next year.

According to a report from EW.COM the new season will have a few slightly longer episodes, which will amount to a whole hour of extra footage spread throughout the season.

Series producer David Benioff tells the site that while last season’s episodes usually clocked in at about 52 minutes each, the upcoming ones are “a lot of 56, 57.” (The series needs special permission from the network to go past an hour, as it expects to when the third season bows on March 31.)

This news has fans wondering what choice morsels from George R. R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords are likely to be included within the shows extra footage and TV Line has offered the following suggestions.

• Two more incest-tinged interactions between Cersei and Jamie
• Five more skewering remarks from the inimitable Tyrion
• A scowl-and-a-half more from Arya
• Six more moments that make you want to slap Joffrey
• Two more oaths sworn by Brienne
• At least one incredibly pigheaded action by Theon
• Even more time for Daenerys to be awesome
• An extended shot of dragons circling the sky
• 50 more White Walkers scaring the bejesus out of everyone — and of course…
• At least 10 topless women

Either way as a fan of the series I can’t wait to see what happens when the series returns.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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Ian Cullen is the owner of A wannabe musician. Ian is a legend in his own mind and when not working on the website host the hugely successful SFP-NOW Podcast he can be found skulking around empty corridors. A longtime fan of genre television and movies Ian was also a producer on the Reality On Demand web-series and has even been published in the official Star Trek Magazine.


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