“Witchcraft” – A Horror Movie Set around the Grand Canyon

A standard criticism of Hollywood is that the film industry isn’t producing any new ideas.  I always roll my eyes when I hear this claim, not because it is necessarily wrong, but the movie industry has been recycling ideas and adapting stories from different mediums since the film industry was first created.

With that said, I do enjoy it when I come across some new scifi, fantasy, supernatural, or horror films that contain an original idea or a unique twist on a long established cliché.

Lucky for me, an old friend introduced to me to some films being produced by Rezlab Entertainment.  With all of their genre projects being fantastic, I’m going to be dedicating an entry to just one video at a time.

For this entry, I want to discuss Rezlab Entertainment’s Witchcraft and hopefully give this company so more coverage that it justly deserves.

The formal synopsis for this video is “Morelia gets possessed at the Grand Canyon after doing Witchcraft, now she remains there to haunt its visitors.”

In the national imagination, the Grand Canyon is one of the country’s natural wonders.  Most people have only encountered it via documentaries or terrible family trips many of us endured as children.  As a result, the Grand Canyon is less a place of terror, and more of a location of family gatherings and tourists in terrible clothing.

And that’s why Witchcraft works so well.  In a few short minutes, this story undermines the sunlight field safety of the Grand Canyon and replaces it with dark magic lurking in the shadows of every crevasse, rock, and cave.

The depiction of magic in this film also forces us to remember that almost all of the natural wonders in the United States are in some way associated with an aspect of a Native American religion.  Given the tradition of using Native American and Hispanic traditions as the catalyst for a horror story, Witchcraft brilliantly links this horror tradition to the Grand Canyon.

You can learn more about this film and Rezlab by visiting Rezlab’s homepage here.

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