Batman Not Likely To Cameo In ‘Arrow’



Pretty much since the show started there has been talk about an episode of ‘Arrow,’ which would include a cameo from Batman, but as the show progresses toward the close of its first season. An appearance by the Dark Knight is looking more and more unlikely.

Speaking at the recent TCA’s CW President Mark Pedowitz denied the rumors that a cameo from Batman was due to happen on the CW’s new hit show.

“At this time, no,” he said. “And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow's] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.”

It is widely understood that Nolan refused to let Batman appear in Smallville, whose ten seasons largely overlapped his work on the movie franchise.

Since Nolan departed the Batman universe with last years Dark Knight Rises the character has appeared in the Smallville season 11 Comic book series, which is available online digitally and picks the story up from where the series left off.


Traditionally within the DC Universe Green Arrow and Batman collaborate a fair bit and are both members of the Justice League.

Whether we’ll see an appearance from Batman in Arrow in future season remains to be seen, but as someone who has really enjoyed the first season of Arrow thus far. I think a two part episode would have to be written to include Batman because he is two big of a character to just have in the show for a single episode appearance.

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Written By: Ian Cullen

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