BBC America To Step Back In Time With Classic ‘Doctor Who’



It would seem that BBC America are planning an experiment in time travel.

The American cable station, which shows only series that have been produced by the BBC is setting up to show the classic series of Doctor Who in order to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult series, which has seen a massive resurgence of interest stateside and around the world since the show returned in 2005 after a long 17 year break.

BBC America will start showing the classic series this Sunday 27 January at 9PM with the William Hartnell story ‘The Aztecs’ This run of Classic Doctor Who adventures is part of a series titled ‘The Doctors Revisited,’ which will see BBC America show one Doctor Who serial each month featuring one of the classic Doctors.

Given how successful the modern series has been for BBC American re – running these classic stories could well prove to be a real hit for the cable channel and would give the new generation of fans a chance to see some episodes from the original run, which may give them a better appreciation for the character.

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