Being Human: New Flashback Episodes Reveal Key Elements For Aiden’s Character



As of last night Being Human returned to Syfy and the third season promises much in terms of reveals for the big three characters.

In a recent interview for Sam Witwer who plays the character of Aiden talked about how much he enjoys doing the flash back episodes, which give him opportunities to learn more about Aiden, but also allow for newer interpretations of the character. In the interview the actor hinted at an episode, which could be a huge reveal for the audience when it comes to our favorite vampire.

“I have to reinvent the character every time I go back to a different time period. He’s got to walk differently and talk differently and everything. It’s one of those things where early on I asked Jeremy Carver [Executive Producer] if he wanted to have the sense that he was 260 – years old or do you want him to talk like we do, and he said, “I want him to talk like us.

“Like a normal person in 2010 or whenever it was that we started. You do that because you are told to do that, but that doesn’t really make sense for an actor. So I had to start working out why that was and realized it’s a cover.

“If you were 268 years old you’d sound very different than you or I on the telephone right now. So I surmised that if you’re part of this secret organization and if you’re a vampire and don’t want anyone to know it. You have to act and play the role of what it is that you look like. If you look 25 – years old and you are in the 50s then you better act like a 25 – year old in the 50s. If you’re a 25 – year old in 1886 then you better act like a 25 – year old in 1886.

“So what that created was a wonderful part of the job. Something I always enjoyed doing and is always really, really challenging. I basically have to reinvent the character every time we do a flashback. I have too.

“There’s got to be a different dialect. There’s got to be a different way of talking and walking. Different attitude and different feelings every time. And as flashbacks go. This year in our third season we’re about to show you…

Later on in the season by far the most ambitious flashbacks that we’ve ever tried. We go back further than I thought we’d ever go. And we tell a story that is absolutely key to the development of my character, but I have to tell you. I had great doubts on if we’d be able to pull this off on many levels. Production wise and with the small time we had getting all the actors to feel they were of the same time period. All those things.”

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Written By: Ian Cullen

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