Cast and Crew Dish Out Hints On Future ‘Grimm’ Episodes


Yesterday the TCA’s, which are currently taking place in Los Angeles hosted what was a fantastic panel with the cast and crew of Grimm, which will return to our screens in March.

Attending the panel were Claire Coffee, David Giuntoli, Reggie Lee, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner and Executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf.

When the series went on its mid season hiatus Rosalee had left her spice store in Portland to look after he sick Aunt. When asked about this plot thread both Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner revealed that Rosalee will return when the show comes back in March and it will be just in the nick of time too, but time for what?

One of of representative of the press was looking for some clarification with regards to why Renard (asha Roiz) kissed Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) in the show and wondered what the implications were. And asked if the audience knew what the reasons were for the kiss. This was a point that executive producer David Greenwalt was more than happy to clear up.

“I think we said in the show,” said Greenwalt. “But anyway, he kissed her because he was afraid that without her ?? he didn’t know what was going to happen exactly. And he was afraid that without her, Nick might leave Portland and might leave the influence of Renard and go his merry way or he might even be destroyed by it in some way.

“He didn’t know that they were going to have those kinds of feelings for each other, no.”

In the USA Grimm airs on Friday and as such. It is often in direct competition against a shed load of other science fiction or genre television shows. When asked what he felt it was that separated Grimm from these other shows. Producer David Greenwalt provided the following by way of his answer.

“Well, what’s kind of interesting about ‘Grimm’ to us is that it’s a hybrid. It’s a police procedural, but then there’s this whole other world going on and this ability to explain in an odd and bizarre way crime. For example, Nick can see the Big Bad Wolf in the child molester. It’s a way to explain evil in the world. And we’re going you know, that’s on sort of the micro level and we’re going to be going more and more to the macro level of what’s wrong with the entire world? What’s going on, you know, with all the violence and upset everywhere in the world and seeking ways to explain it.”

Grimm has made a household name of relative newcomer David Giuntoli, who has been playing the role of Nick. Giuntoli was asked if he had a favorite type of episode to play and the actor pretty much told the reporters that he likes plenty of meat with his potatoes.

“I really enjoy the kind of deeper mythological episodes,” Giuntoli said. “I mean, I enjoy them all. But I’ve started to grow into really enjoying the larger kind of fight scenes. Those usually happen in kind of a more emotional episode anyhow. And, yeah, I like kind of learning the tricks of that. But I really do enjoy the kind of deeper, emotional episodes.”

At the TCA’s reporters were shown a clip show at what is coming up on Grimm, which prompted a one reporter to ask both David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf if Renard and Nick are likely to be working on the same side as apposed to working at odds with each other.

“Well, it depends what’s ?? what service that Nick can perform for Renard. And he’d as soon have him as an ally. He’d rather have him as an ally than an enemy, but he could have him either way.” Greenwalt said.

“There’s some big issues that have to be dealt with for Renard and for Nick, and they have to come to terms with those.” Added Kauf.

“And this had to come to a head. We didn’t want to just play it out forever between the two of them, because, you know, it is his girl that Renard is messing around with, albeit under a spell.” Greenwalt finished.

On Grimm for many people the best character in as he is the most relatable is that of Munro, who is played to perfection by Silas Weir Mitchell. When asked to talk about the dichotomy character and how he as the actor plays it. Mitchell provided the following insight.

“Well, as an actor, it’s a delight to have these two poles towards which you could go at any time, because there’s an element of the unknown where there’s the hermit?like clockmaker and then there’s the guy who wants to run through the woods with his girlfriend and, you know, get down in the trees. You know what I mean? So those two sides of a person, it’s fun to have that at your disposal as an actor. As a character, it’s much more troubling, because you have these two poles that you might yank, be yanked towards one way or the other. So the more difficult it is as a character, the more fun it is as an actor.”

Weir Mitchell also added that his role is a lot of fun despite some of the challenges that it presents him with.

“I feel like I’m having more fun than a guy should have. I mean, I really love this group. I love the stories that David and Jim and the writers are writing. I love the themes. I think they’re really pertinent and they’re handled in a very delightful way. There’s dark, there’s light, there’s a gallows humor thanks to these guys. And we’re dealing with crime and real stuff. There’s nothing I don’t like about this situation.”

Last season Claire Coffee was a mere guest actor with her role of the witch Adalind, but when Nick and Adalind had a confrontation at the close of the the first season. Adalind took it personal and has now returned for season two, but has been upgraded to a series regular. When asked how much more bitchy her character will get. Coffee said she will become a superbitch.


“Bitchier beyond my wildest dreams, in fact. But my reaction was first sort of disbelief and then quickly followed by elation to get to do this role and with all these people was just the greatest. I know everybody says it, but I mean it for sure.”

Coffee also revealed that she has been doing a bit of research to help inform her more on the behavior of her character.

“I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research about psychopaths, because I think for Adalind, she’s just ?? she’s fueled mostly by ambition and just, you know, you get one thing, you want the next thing. So she doesn’t have a lot of friends, and so far I don’t think she’s focused on that. I think she’s more focused on this kind of supreme ?? this, like, supreme amount of power that she has in her mind.”

Grimm returns to NBC in March and is currently airing in the UK on Watch.

Thanks go out to April Neale of for helping us piece this together.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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