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It’s no secret that pretty much everyone here at is a big fan of CW’s new show ‘Arrow’ and next week when the show returns we’ll be hooked to our TV screens as much as the rest of you are.

Since the show last aired in December we have learned of new characters that will be joining the fray and in a recent report the Huffingtonpost have revealed some information on the new characters and who will play them.

The series has attracted some really big names from series such as Battlestar Galactica, Fringe and Spartacus. In a few weeks time we’ll get to see the first team up of super villains, which can only mean trouble for the residents of Starling City. We’ll also get to see a return for Oliver Queens deadly enemy The Huntress.

The good guys will expand as well, with Colton Haynes joining the cast as Roy Harper. He’ll start out as a potential love interest for Oliver’s sister Thea (wait until you hear how they meet), but he will soon strike up his own important relationship with the hooded avenger.

In recent interviews the shows producers have said that we return with Oliver Queen dealing with low confidence issues after his confrontation with the Black Arrow.

“The last time we saw him, he got his butt kicked” by the Dark Archer, Berlanti said. But having Oliver (Stephen Amell) experience serious self-doubt about his mission is all part of the “Arrow” team’s overall plan for the show’s first season, which will depict his evolution from “a vengeance-based vigilante to a justice-based hero,” Guggenheim said.

As the series evolves we’ll also see Oliver Queens mission change from dealing with the cities wealthy evil doers to doing more for the community of Starling City as well. Which means dealing with crime in a much broader sense, but also helping the city right itself.

“When we initially started the show, we had this engine of the list, and Oliver was going to go through and cross names off the list each week and they were always going to be one-percenters,” said Guggenheim, who added that the list was always intended as the “springboard” that would occupy the first phase of Oliver’s Starling City adventures. “We will always keep the one-percenter thing alive, but his trajectory as a character is probably away from that laser-like focus on the one-percenters, but that’s just [so we can] tell the story of Oliver going from vigilante to hero.”

You can read more about some of the changes that our coming on Arrow as well as listen to a new podcast interview with the shows producers here at Huffingtonpost.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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