Former ‘Lost’ Actor Lobbying For ‘Black Panther’ Role


Former ‘Lost’ actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has revealed that he’d very much be interested in playing the title role in the rumored Marvel Studios movie adaptation of popular comics character The Black Panther.

Agbaje, who many fans will remember for the role of the mysterious Mr. Eko will next be seen on the big screen in the duel role of Algrim / Kurse in Thor: The Dark World. So you could say that he already has his foot in the door when it comes to dealing with Marvel, but the actor is really keen on trying to secure himself the role of T’Challa AKA The Black Panther if that project ever gets a green light.

“I would hope that playing Kurse would ingratiate me to becoming the Panther. You get in and have success in one, and you go and do the next one. [My campaign] is definitely not dropped. He’s one of my faves. I would love to play him,” he told MTV.

“You have to keep at it, you have to keep your card in the hat and see what comes out but I have to say I’m thrilled, I’ve been able to play two characters in one movie and if [Marvel] likes this and it this does well, it just gives you a better chance.”

Marvel is yet to officially announce Black Panther but actors including Wesley Snipes, Anthony Mackie and Djimon Hounsou have all been linked with the character in the past.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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