In Review: Hellboy in Hell #2

The cover: Hellboy and his guide stand among some of the denizens of Pandemonium, a statue of Satan, and the sword and fly ring of the Fallen One. This is temptation all around our protagonist. Art by Mike Mignola and colors by Dave Stewart. Overall grade: A

The story: Hellboy is taken to Pandemonium, the Heart of Hell, where he is tempted to a specfic path. We all know how the big guy will react, and he’s true to form. However, he’s then wisked off to a new location with a new guide and we see something new and very disturbing. I’ve got to applaud Mike Mignola for creating something new to witness in Hell. But he’s not done there, for another setting is visited and even Hellboy doesn’t want to go there. Our hero is taking a psychological beating. How could it get any worse? Oh…the teaser for next issue shows how. Incredible! Overall grade: A+

The art: Cities in ruin, creatures of bizarre combinations, an awaiting army, and a damning moment. All are expertly realized by Mike Mignola, who shows he is worthy of all the praise he has ever received. Frightening and fascinating, with this book you’ll find yourself straining to see what’s in the shadows, but thankful that whatever lurks there remains hidden from your sight. Overall grade: A+

The colors: Joining Mignola in Hell is Dave Stewart (how often does one get to say something like that?). He masterfully colors each page, emphasing the shadows of this place and highlighting those objects (a bloody sword, a flaming crown, or a tiny red fist) which are so important to the story. Overall grade: A+

The letters: Expert dialogue and narration from Clem Robins, though I think the sound effects were done by Mignola, my favorite being “wok.” Overall grade: A

The final line: I thought the final take on Hell had been done by Alan Moore at DC years ago. Thankfully, Mike Mignola is carving out his own epic down bellow and it is stunning. Overall grade: A+

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