In Review: Honey West & Kolchak: High Heels & Hedonism #1

The covers: Three covers to choose from in this one-shot from Moonstone. Cover A is by Malcom McClinton and it’s an awesome shot of Honey with cross and stake about to go Buffy on four female vamps attacking Carl. Great! Cover B is by Hayden Davis showing Honey taking the lead in a gothic stone hallway as Kolchak reluctantly follows. It looks really rushed. Honey just looks terrible. Cover C is by interior artist Ronn Sutton, and it’s of an open purse on a bed. Its contents have spilled out: pictures of our leads, a gun, a key, bullets, and lipstick. Solid image, but with bland coloring. Overall grades: A A, B C-, and C B

The story: I was really impressed with this tale by Janet L. Hetherton, who skillfully weaves a kidnapping story into the supernatural using P.I. Honey West and young reporter Carl Kolchak. Honey was apporpriately stuck in a situation where she had to show some skin, but was equally focused on finding her missing person. Carl was the schlub you want, stumbling into situations that are beyond him. It’s a good thing Honey was there to save his bacon. There was an aspect of Kolchak’s private life that got him into deeper trouble that was both fitting and funny. Naturally our heroes get out of this mess. Page 25 had a moment I found brilliant as one of our leads completed their ensemble with a key piece of their costume. The banter between both characters is outstanding and true to their personas on television. The mystery and chaos they encounter is equally well done. Anytime Hetherton wants to return to either character, or writing at all, I will eagerly pick it up! Overall grade: A

The art: And my joy for this book drops. Ronn Sutton knows how to lay out a page superbly; Page 1 is a perfect example. Panel 1, an establishment shot of Honey and her environment; panel 2, a tease of her gun and bra; panel 3, a focus on her looking at her gun; panel 4, a focus on her sex appeal. The devil is in the details, though. I wouldn’t have know that this image was supposed to be Honey West unless the script said so. Ditto for Kolchak. This book’s look reminds me of a late 60′s/early 70′s Marvel comic: simplistic, smooth art that gets the point across but doesn’t “wow” at all. Overall grade: C-

The colors: I did like James Brown’s work on this book. He’s doing what he can with the art he’s given. The hotel room in the first panel is very bright and colorful, yet the focus remains on Honey because of her hair, eyes, robes and the skin tone which stand out against the background. More impressive is inside the club things go dim but not dark, and the flashback is almost gorgeous black and white. Very well done. Overall grade: A

The letters: Dialogue aplenty and few sound effects are ably achieved by Bernie Lee. That “AAAIIIIIII!” should have been done better. Overall grade: B

The final line: With a better artist this could have been a phenominal comic, but as a medium known for its art more than its story, this will be overlooked by all save the mose completist of fans. I say you should still give it a shot for the story. Overall grade: B-

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