Mark Millar Praises ‘Man Of Steel’ Casting and First Look At Amy Adams as Lois Lane


Mark Millar, who has created some of the more controversial comics in recent years has recently come out in praise of Warner Bros for their decision to cast British actor Henry Cavill in the role of Superman for this years pending release of Superman: Man Of Steel.

Millar, who wrote the best selling Superman: Red Son, described the actor as a “great choice” for the lead role in Zack Snyder’s reboot.

“So many people been pored over all the years and so many of them close, but wrong,” he wrote. “Brandon Routh is actually brilliant and you only have to see Scott Pilgrim to see how impeccable his timing is. But he looked more like Christopher Reeve than Superman.

“Dean Cain, Tom Welling and all the others were completely wrong for the part and the big names mooted were never right either. But I completely buy Cavill in this role. That instinctive gut feeling that I’m looking at a pic of Superman.”

One thing that Millar does not like however is the decision to omit Superman’s red trunks in the movie, which is something that has had many fans of Superman scratching their heads as well.

“I don’t even mind the costume. Losing the trunks was pointless, throws the balance of the design off and looks truly, truly HORRIBLE in the comics. But the muted colours work really well, those dark blues and reds really making the pics look very rich and regal.

“I love how this is looking. Cavill was a great choice, but then Snyder has a great eye. Cracking team behind this so I have high hopes.”

In related news a new picture from the movie has just been released, which is a first look at Amy Adams in the role of Lois Lane. As you can see by the image below. This new version of Superman is so up to date that journalist in the Superman Universe are now using iPad’s in much the same way as their real life counterparts.



Man of Steel – which also stars Amy Adams and Michael Shannon – will debut in cinemas on June 14.

(Via Digital Spy & BlastR)


Written By: Ian Cullen

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