MGM Wants More ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’?



In 2010 MGM released a little comedy movie called Hot Tub Time Machine, which I have to admit I found to be mildly amusing and somewhat nostalgic given that the film centred on a group of middle aged men that go back in time to 1986 due to a malfunctioning hot tub, which also happens to be a time machine. Adding some extra comedy to the movie is the fact that one of the guys has brought his troubled somewhat geeky nephew along for the ride.

It would seem that MGM are looking into trying to get a sequel going for this movie and talks are already underway with some of the cast and creators of the film.

The company is in what insiders characterize as “exploratory talks” with Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke to reprise their roles for the follow-up.

Rob Corddry may wind up writing the script for the sequel with the original films director Steve Pink, who is also in talks to return for the sequel.

Not involved at this early stage is John Cusack, who also starred in the original and was the actor that attracted me to giving the first movie a try.

According to Hollywood Reporter the pieces of this deal for a sequel have been slowly clicking into place over the last few months, but sources have also warned that the deal could still fall through at this early stage. However, insiders also say that if a deal makes, production would be fast-tracked.

Hot Tub Time Machine was the final movie to be produced under Mary Parent‘s run at MGM, before the company went into bankruptcy. The $36 million movie grossed around $50 million at the box office but proved to be a massive hit when it went over to DVD and Blu Ray and is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it. The film has a particularly funny cameo from Chevy Chase as the hot tub repair man.

The film was very much a love letter to many of the teen comedies of the 80s only saw through a somewhat more modern and coarse — lens.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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