Schwarzenegger: Conan The Barbarian Sequel To Be Insane Spectacle



Last year it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be reprising the role of Conan for a sequel to his hugely successful career defining movie Conan The Barbarian, in which James Earl Jones was an awesome villain.

Speaking recently to MTV the former Governor of California said he was back and promises a huge spectacle for the sequel, which will disregard the less successful Conan The Destroyer, which he hopes we have all forgotten about.

The actor says he has been pushing for a sequel to the much loved 1982 film, which picked up Conan as an aged Warrior King, which was something that kind of book ended the first film back in 1982.

With the recent spate of superhero movies. Schwarzenegger is hoping to do something really big with this Conan sequel.

“I’m excited [about it] because I’ve been hyping the idea to Universal Studios for quite some time. The important thing with the ‘Conan’ project is to make it into an A-movie that they treat it like a ’300′ or any of those great movies, rather than a B-movie where they hack a few heads off, a few limbs off and run around with a sword.

The audience and the fans are very sophisticated. They’ve seen all the ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Superman’ and ‘Iron Man’ [movies] and the ‘Expendables’ as regular action movies. They’ve seen it all. So when they see a ‘Conan’ movie coming, they demand a spectacle. That’s what we tried to do with ‘Last Stand’ — to give them the car chases, cars going 200 mph, racing through cornfields, crazy stuff you haven’t seen before. You have to give them great entertainment.”

Hopefully this film winds up being much better than Conan The Destroyer.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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