In Review: Being Human – ‘The Greater Good’



Synopsis: It’s vampire rehab at Honolulu Hights when Crumb comes to stay.

Review: This week’s episode saw Hal trying to put Crumb through rehab, but we also see Tom playing mentor to a werewolf called Bobby, who has been passed onto the trinity by Rook.

And in the centre of it all manipulating events to his own ends is Captain Hatch, who is becoming more and more powerful with each passing week.

Some fun moments here. For example Tom when he is put in charge of Bobby comes across as a bit snobbish, which is something that both Hal and Alex pull him up on.

We see a nice performance by Ricky Grover as Bobby, who is pretty much a child in a werewolf’s body.

Hals efforts to rehabilitate Crumb come under a bit of strain when he starts to have doubts about his bloodlust getting the better of him. In order to prove a point to him Alex goes out on a date with Crumb, which proves to be pretty much the lighting of a fuse to the conclusion of Crumbs story.

All in all this was a great episode. The one think that has been pretty amazing about the original version of Being Human since the start is just how much drama they can pack into an hour and this episode with its rather sad ending was a case in point for that.

As already mentioned Ricky Glover puts in a fabulous guest turn in this episode and plays a character that you can relate to. And his scenes with Tom throughout the story are really quite magical.

Phil Davis puts in another great performance as the evil Captain Hatch, who in this episode uses Rook in order to help in his schemes to break up the trinity of Vampire, Ghost and Werewolf and by close of the episode it looks like he is getting close to succeeding.

Score 5/5


Written By: Ian Cullen

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Ian Cullen is the owner of A wannabe musician. Ian is a legend in his own mind and when not working on the website host the hugely successful SFP-NOW Podcast he can be found skulking around empty corridors. A longtime fan of genre television and movies Ian was also a producer on the Reality On Demand web-series and has even been published in the official Star Trek Magazine.


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