In Review: Green Lantern Corps #16

The cover: Finally Simon Baz acts like a lantern as he comes to the rescue of Guy Gardner who’s attacked by the Third Army. Nice to see him with an old school construct like a hammer. Image by Cofu & Eltaeb. A brighter green would have highlighted Baz more, since his costume and construct blend into the faded green of the title. Overall grade: B

The story: Guy is in jail without his ring. On the streets of Atlanta the Third Army has come looking for him, assimilating bystanders along the way. Think Guy’s not special without his ring? His cellmate finds out otherwise, the hard way. Gardner is taken out of his cell because he has visitors: his brother and sister. A painful conversation takes place before the Guardians’ new corps arrive, and then decisions must be made regarding our powerless hero. The cover reveals who shows up, but there’s a lot more going on, especially in space where John Stewart and Fatality have made a wonderful discovery. Guy is the star of this book, but I cheered for Baz for the first time in this issue. “Bad Guys” is written by Peter J. Tomasi, and I’d love to give this writer a raise in pay for the incredible work he turned out for this book as well as the last several months. Simply outstanding. Overall grade: A+

The art: I love the Green Lantern books because they’re set in space and I’m a sci-fi nerd. This issue has space scenes to be sure, but the majority of this book is set on Earth inside a police station. How could Fernando Pasarin’s pencils and Scott Hanna’s inks impress me? Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger took out that police station in the original Terminator? It’s still a great sequence to watch. You with me? Imagine that with the Third Army doing the take over. And guns don’t work. Starting on Page 12 my jaw hit the floor and didn’t close until Page 20. Holy crud! What awesome detail! Overall grade: A+

The colors: Again, I thought this setting would limit the palate of this book, I mean the first page is nice, the next two dreary, and the fourth is bright, yet appropriately drab. Page 6 is a gut punch for making the action more intense. Space is beautifully colored and the resolution to the problem in prison is ablaze in color. Gabe Eltaeb starts slow and punches up the book as it goes along. Overall grade: A+

The letters: Carnage in a police station on this massive a scale needs sound effects and we get every last one of them! Page 18′s first panel has a gorgeous one. Fantastic work form Dave Sharpe. Overall grade: A+

The final line: Wow! Who would have thought an unringed lantern could be this darned fun? Overall grade: A+

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