In Review: Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

The cover: The Guardians are triumphant! One member of the Third Army walks away from the unconscious memebers of the Green Lantern Corps he has beaten into submission. A menacing image by Crisscross & Gabe Eltaeb. The blues and greens mesh together a bit too much. Brighter blues would have highlighted the greens more. Overall grade: B+

The story: The last few months come to a conclusion in “Rise of the First Lantern” by Peter J. Tomasi. Simon Baz, Guy Gardner, and B’dg are on the moon summing up the Guardians’ treachery and the creation of the Third Army. In tunnels within Oa, Killowog and other lanterns, aware of their leaders’ betrayal, hide. The Guardians put out an all call to their lanterns saying they need to report to Oa to get innoculated against this pale alien threat that’s absorbing other species. The lanterns blindly obey orders and will get taken out by the evil Guardians, so it’s up to the heroes we know to stop them. Do they win? The next monthy issue is scheduled, so I think you can figure that out for yourself. Are there any surprises in this book? Oh, yes! Pages 18, 26, 28, and 38 are worth seeing. That said, the ultimate ending of the book leaves everything unresolves because of a new, possible, threat. The Rise of the Third Army is over, but now we have Volthoom to deal with. Overall grade: A-

The art: I’m really mixed here. I enjoyed some pages quite a bit, Pages 7, 10, and 26, while others were overly cartoony, Pages 2 & 3, and any image of the Guardians. Penciller Crisscross seems to be a follower of Joe Staton, of whom I am a major fan, but I’d like to see him etiher commit to copying that look or a style of his own. Maybe I felt this way because there were two different inkers on this book, Scott Hanna & Marlo Alquiza. I’d be very interested to know who inked what, and if that played into how I felt about the art. The art’s decent, don’t get me wrong, but came off disjointed at times. Overall grade: B

The colors: Nice work by Wil Quintana who manipulates every shade of green to perfection, such as on Page 1, but really shines when the biggest lantern in history is reborn. Overall grade: A

The letters: More yelling and screaming than I’ve seen in a lantern book and not much for the sound of a ring in use or a fist going into a face. But lots of dialogue and narration from Steve Wands. Overall grade: B

The final line: A good, sort of, ending that directly leads into the next big story. So, and ending and a beginning all in one issue. Overall grade: B+

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