In Review: Star Wars: Agent of the Empire-Hard Targets #4

The cover: Jahan Cross is battling Candra Tymon beneath a giant image of Boba Fett, while young Bron Dooku appears to be in the mandalorian’s sights. Sparkles from broken glass wrap around our two fighters. Another slick summative cover by Stephane Roux that reveals nothing of the main setting of the book. Do you realize what treat that is unto itself? Overall grade: A

The story: Cross is making his play to keep Bron safe, but he’s going to need help, which has him going to Tymon. The sexual tension between the two is great, and something not really explored in a Star Wars comic, but it’s over by Page 2 as their relationship takes a turn. Tymon does her best Tommy Lee Jones from The Fugitive until Cross says the magic words to bring her over to his side. Then John Ostrander brings back a bounty hunter of some fame and the final setting is revealed. It was an utter surprise and the battle that takes place there was so neat! I relished every page of this conflict and its resolution was absolute brilliance, showing that if you’ve created “true” characters, the solution writes itself. The last page of this book is a perfect textbook cliffhanger that will have fans jumping up and down in anticipation. Ostrander weaves his tale around the unseen double-dealing of the Star Wars universe like a master. Overall grade: A+

The art: This may seem hard to believe, but just looking at two characters share a drink is amazing. The details of the bar, the items on the bar, the myriad of creatures in the background, not to mention the flawless looking leads–everything is gorgeous. Every thing! The pencils in this book by Davide Fabbri and the inks by him and Christian Dalla Vecchia combine to produce art that every Star Wars fan wishes for. This is pure joy to behold. Overall grade: A+

The colors: Multiple settings, characters, and ships give Wes Dzioba opportunities to showcase his skills, and boy does he! Excellence in every way! Overall grade: A

The letters: Michael Heisler has a lot, let me stress that, a whole lot of dialogue to produce for this issue. There are a few sound effects, but primarily dialogue expertly rendered. Overall grade: B+

The final line: I’m already upset that there’s only one issue left in this series. This continues to be a highly entertaining read and a beautifully rendered book. Overall grade: A-

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